Bittersweet Dragon Butterfly – Part II: Weirdness

A new year dawned, the first Saturday wasn’t so surprising. The same lax team lead-dude was sitting in the fishbowl. I noticed there was something really nice about the place. Back when I worked in the distribution centre of the same company, I worked in a department dominated by men. They were pretty conservative aboutContinue reading “Bittersweet Dragon Butterfly – Part II: Weirdness”

Bittersweet Dragon Butterfly – Part I: Prelude

Big Retail Corp.’s digital side business was a bit of a weird place. Imagine a supermarket, but then in a warehouse. You have this warehouse full of store shelves, marked with lettercodes. Instead of a welcoming presence, this place is rather dark and built for efficiency. At least, that last bit they wish, as itContinue reading “Bittersweet Dragon Butterfly – Part I: Prelude”

A Son Of Two Soils

For whatever reason, people always wanted to call me either Dutch or Polish. I never understood this distinction. Besides cultural upbringing, what makes me different? When people see my strange surname, something in their heads starts to turn. Some start to see me in a different light, like I’m privileged or something. In this dayContinue reading “A Son Of Two Soils”

Labelling The Different

I don’t exactly know since when I was “forced” to go to a psychologist, it all started somewhere during primary school. For some reason, I was an odd duckling. I hated doing anything that had something to do with the Dutch language or Math/Calculus. And when I hated something, it was with some kind ofContinue reading “Labelling The Different”