Mind-The-Gap Year

In the past year or so I’ve been quite busy trying to figure out where I stand in life. 2019 was quite a busy year for me, when I take in account the things I’ve tried. In the beginning of the year, I managed to fail getting an internship abroad. I wanted to go toContinue reading “Mind-The-Gap Year”

A Son Of Two Soils

For whatever reason, people always wanted to call me either Dutch or Polish. I never understood this distinction. Besides cultural upbringing, what makes me different? When people see my strange surname, something in their heads starts to turn. Some start to see me in a different light, like I’m privileged or something. In this dayContinue reading “A Son Of Two Soils”

Labelling The Different

I don’t exactly know since when I was “forced” to go to a psychologist, it all started somewhere during primary school. For some reason, I was an odd duckling. I hated doing anything that had something to do with the Dutch language or Math/Calculus. And when I hated something, it was with some kind ofContinue reading “Labelling The Different”

A New Born Ruckus

It’s never easy to start things out of the blue, a lot of thought has often gone before that. As in my case, it’s finally time to begin the fight with the pickings of the brain. Turn the pickings into something. Something to be able to read, to be felt and whatever else. All storiesContinue reading “A New Born Ruckus”

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